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Fernando Beltrán


Dr. Beltrán is exploring a three-way approach to designing resource allocation mechanisms mostly involving network resource allocation in telecommunications. It consists of 1. using game theory models of a proposed solution; 2. simulating the problem with an agent-based computational environment, and, 3. (when applicable) testing the solution with human subjects participating in a decision-making lab environment.   



Ananish Chaudhuri   

Professor Chaudhuri is involved in a wide variety of decision making experiments using a very large number of human participants on an on-going basis. One current project includes an experimental analysis of why businesses tend to lay-off workers rather than cut wages during recessions and what the implications are for the patterns of teaching and learning within organizations.


Valery Pavlov



Dr. Pavlov is working on three different projects involving human participants. The project is: 1. Project 1: Peer-facilitated decision-making; 2. Project 2: Effectiveness of live Q&A in online auctions; 3.Project 3: Are time-preferences S-shaped?


32 machines on a local area network


Removable “privacy partitions” on three sides of each machine

Glass-partitioned control room at the back of the laboratory

Projection equipment, large screen and sliding white boards

30 state-of-the-art tablets to "bring the lab to the classroom"

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